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Easy Fit

A newcomer finds himself surrounded by a mass group during the National Public Broadcasting Exercise.

He tries to fit in, fails to keep up with the tempo, and end up discovering an easier way to assimilate - also their common destiny:
being fried, and uphold the sun.

Easy Fit  1min. 14sec. (2021)


Written and Directed by Mochi Lin

Animation by: Mochi Lin

Cinematography and Lighting by: Mochi Lin

Edited, Composited, Colour graded by: Mochi Lin

Sound designed, recorded, and mixed by: Mochi Lin

Music / Voice: 第三套全国中学生广播体操

* Completed in one day during Animation Marathon at Rhode Island School of Design

(for a week, we were given a prompt at midnight and asked to complete a film within 24 hours)

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