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Behind the Scenes - Spirit Bear

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Character design for "Cindy the sheep" (based on Canadian-born Gitxsan activist for First Nations child welfare, Cindy Blackstock)

Model of "Cindy the sheep", sculpted with plasticine

Moulding, armature building, casting, felting..."Cindy the sheep"

"Cindy the sheep" in action (SFP animation)

Model of "teddy bears", sculpted with plasticine

Moulding, armature building, casting, felting..."teddy bears"

Jordan's Principle Scene - set construction in progress

Jordan's Principle Scene with "teddy bears" Jordan's Principle is a child-first and needs-based principle used in Canada to ensure that First Nations children living on and off reserve have equitable access to all government funded public services. (SFP)

Character design for First Nations people, model sculpted with plasticine

Other works for Spotted Fawn Productions

Final animation from Spotted Fawn Productions

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